KH Wurtz

Posted on March 02 2016


A quest for perfection.

Created by a father and son team, who maintain the original integrity in the ancient craft of ceramics, KH Wurtz is true art in utility and luxury for the everyday. Each piece is handcrafted by Aage Wurtz, who has been at the wheel for 44 years, and finished by his son Kasper, who is in charge of the glazing. The result is contemporary in it’s simplicity, each piece a unique expression. 

Discovered by restaurant Noma, in 2004, the pairing of world class cuisine with the stunning KH Wurtz tableware is one of mutual artistry and mastery of craft. It was there we first discovered the artisans, and decided we wanted to carry them at MONC.  

We had the pleasure of experiencing the studio in Denmark a few months ago, and this week we are unpacking our first shipment. Soon to be available online, contact us directly to preorder, the incredible collection from KH Wurtz. Below a smattering of stunning images to properly whet the appetite.



KH Wurtz Studio 






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