Charlotte Perriand 529 Rio Table in Viennese Straw by Cassina
Charlotte Perriand 529 Rio Table in Viennese Straw by Cassina

Cassina Charlotte Perriand 529 Rio Table in Viennese Straw

55" D x 13" H


Designed originally in 1962 for the home of Jacques Martin in Rio, Brazil, The Rio Table by Charlotte Perriand was also adapted in 1962 and 1967 in a larger size for the Japanese Embassy in Paris. The re-edition by Cassina is the original smaller 1962 version. Made up of six staggered segments of different radii, an outer edge in solid wood, inserts in Viennese straw and a central hole which becomes the center of its spatial gravity. The beauty of this piece lies in its unique decorative elements and its extreme functionality.

Charlotte Perriand, French 1903-1999.

Charlotte Perriand was a French architect and designer. Charlotte liked to take her time in a space before starting the design process and placed emphasis on functionality, durability and items that could be mass produced.

At age 24 Charlotte joined the studio of Le Corbusier, where she experimented with steel, aluminum, and glass, developing a series of tubular steel chairs that remain a modern icon. In 1940, she traveled to Japan to advise the government on how to export products to the West, and spent WWII exiled in Vietnam, where she discovered local woodwork and weaving techniques and embraced natural materials. 

Cassina was established in 1927 in the Northern region of Brianza, Italy, an area noted for its skilled artisans and woodworkers. Rooted in high quality Italian craftsmanship Cassina began acquiring licenses to reproduce some of the worlds most well renowned furniture designs. Cassina’s mission is to provide extremely high quality products by paying close attention to every step of the manufacturing process. From woodworking to upholstery, their attention to detail and perfection is unmatched. The incredible quality of materials leads to the most amazing expression of form and function celebrating new design as well as highlighting notable designs of the past.

  • Made in Italy
  • Natural Oak in a low gloss finish
  • Inserts in Viennese Straw