Irving Place Studio

Irving Place Studio's roots in Los Angeles date back six decades. It was founded by artists Dora De Larios and Ellice Johnston in 1968. Students of noted 20th century ceramic artists Vivika and Otto Heino, Dora and Ellice brought their unique sensibilities to the burgeoning Los Angeles Studio Pottery Movement.

Today, Irving Place Studio is a collaboration between Dora, her daughter Sabrina Judge, and son-in-law Aaron Glascock. Started in the summer of 2012, together they created a line of contemporary, elegant hand thrown ceramics for everyday use at the table. Combining Dora’s endless knowledge of clay and glazes with Sabrina and Aaron's contemporary design esthetic, Irving Place Studio offers simple, elegant, unadorned handmade basics.

The studio’s mission is to produce contemporary and elegant handmade ceramics of the highest quality for everyday use. 

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