• Astragalus Root Extract Powder by Sun Potion

Astragalus Root Extract Powder by Sun Potion

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Sourcing Organic and/or Wildcrafted medicinal plants, superfoods, and tonic herbs, Sun Potion Transformational Foods combines these ingredients into nutritional powders for optimal health and well-being. The company began with Owner and Founder Scott Linde’s own transformational experience with these foods. Each mixture provides unique benefits to the body in a concentrated powder form and can be taken in small doses daily for optimal benefits.

The Astragalus Root Extract Powder is a cold water extract powder of the Astragalus Root, a traditional Taoist herb and is reputed as the most potent Qi Tonic in the world. May strengthen and protect: skin health, metabolism and digestion, immune response, and energy levels.

Mix 2 grams in warm water or tea
Contains 40 Servings

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