Cashmere Long Fringe Throw by Denis Colomb - MONC XIII
Cashmere Long Fringe Throw by Denis Colomb - MONC XIII

Denis Colomb Cashmere Long Fringe Throw


The Denis Colomb collection brings together the ultimate combination of comfort and sensuality. Using ultra luxurious handwoven cashmere and the most impeccable Nepalese craftsmanship, this line is like nothing you have ever had the pleasure of touching before. The downy clouds of cashmere are collected in April and May, hand spun by woman working at home and then brought to several local workshops where artisans weave and finish each piece by hand. Born in Aix-en-Provence, France, architect and designer Denis Colomb won the prestigious European IDI Design Award in 1992 for his design of 30 fashion shops around the world. His penchant for travel often drew him to the Far East, and in 1996 he produced his first collection of handwoven Tibetan rugs and blanket, made in small ateliers in Nepal. Denis is world renowned for marrying a modern color palette and bold graphic patterns to ancient artisanal techniques. Handwoven 75% Tibetan cashmere and 25% silk blanket in beautiful modern colors.

  • 75% Cashmere, 25% Silk
  • Hand-made in Nepal