French 1970's Chesterfield Sofa with Original Leather

Vintage Sofa French 1970's Chesterfield Sofa with Original Leather

84” W x 37” D x 32” H


The first leather Chesterfield Sofa, with its distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and lower seat base, was commissioned by Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. It may have roots in 18th-century design, but when situated in a contemporary space it never fails to look as fresh and intriguing as ever. Now it is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of history.

Feel the smoothest and most pleasant feeling of your life relaxing on the French 1970's Chesterfield Sofa. The combination of the velvety and soft leather and stiff stuffing makes it the ideal place to sit for lively chatter, silent reading, or just spending time with your dear ones.

  • Original Cognac Leather with Scroll Arm
  • Seat Height: 14” (36 cm)