Jota Medium Leather Rectangular Basket
Jota Medium Leather Rectangular Basket

Rabitti 1969 Jota Medium Leather Rectangular Basket


In 2015, Giobagnara acquired the famous Italian saddle leather specialist Rabitti. Rudi Rabitti, who launched the company in Milan in 1969 was a pioneer. Rabitti was the first brand to offer a wide array of home accessories in this type of leather. Saddle leather is thick and particularly sturdy, it needs no reinforcement and makes it possible to create objects entirely in leather. 

Enamored of the beauty and quality of the leathers used, not to mention the meticulous attention to detail evident in each piece. Giobagnara is expanding Rabitti 1969 offering, both by revisiting the house archives and creating new collections.

• Length: 22"

• Width:  14.5"• Height:  16.5"