• Madeleine Set of 4 Scented Cameos

Madeleine Set of 4 Scented Cameos



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Historic French candle makers Cire Trudon have been producing the world's finest perfumed candle since 1643. Each vegetable wax candle comes in an elegant, dark green glass vessel adorned with the Trudon blazon.Use with the Cire Trudon La Promeneuse diffuser to create a scent that will swiftly fill the room.

Place one of the Madeline cameos into the dish of the diffuser and light the night-light. The scented wax of each cameo has an 8 hour diffusion life.Bursting in with a bouquet of florals to compliment its rich leather undertones, the fragrance of Madeleine is as warm and rich as it is lively and up lifting. Named after Madeleine de Maupin, a swashbuckling 17th century lady of Versailles and renowned non-conformist, Cire Turdon’s Madeleine truly embraces the unexpected by mixing iris, jasmine and rose with leather, moss and tabac.


  • 100% vegetable wax
  • Burn time: 8 hours per cameo