Mosaique au 24 Platine Mug by Hermes - MONC XIII

Hermes Mosaique au 24 Platinum Mug


Since 1837, Hermès has remained faithful to its artisanal model and the freedom to create, the constant quest for beautiful materials, and the transmission of exceptional know-how. This enables the creation of useful, and elegant objects which stand the test of time and forge the uniqueness of Hermès.
Hermes is a family-run, independent and socially responsible company, committed to maintaining the majority of its production in France, through its 43 production sites, while developing its international distribution network of 311 stores in 45 countries.

La Table Hermes has bold lines, depth of color and porcelain finesse, telling stories to be enjoyed during dinner parties or one-on-one over a cup of tea.