Odalisque (Orange Blossom) Giant Candle
Odalisque (Orange Blossom) Giant Candle
Odalisque (Orange Blossom) Giant Candle

Cire Trudon Odalisque (Orange Blossom) Giant Candle


Historic French candle makers Cire Trudon have been producing the world's finest perfumed candle since 1643. Each vegetable wax candle comes in an elegant, dark green glass vessel adorned with the Trudon blazon. Cire Trudon's flagship item, this over-sized perfumed candle has 3 wicks, burns for over 200 hours, is adorned with the Trudon blazon and weighs over 6 lbs. Cire Trudon Odalisque (Orange Blossom) scent is furiously romantic, the essence of citrus and wood bark. Orange blossom weaves with the vigorous scent of cade with a silky shadow of vanilla. Fragrance Note Head: Lemon, Orange Heart: Orange Blossom Bottom: Cade, Vanilla

  • 200+ hour burn
  • 98.7 oz. • 8.5 high by 7.25 wide
  • Hand-blown, gold-crested vessel
  • 100% vegetable wax
  • 3 cotton wicks