Rythmo Off-White Tablecloth by Charvet
Rythmo Off-White Tablecloth by Charvet

Charvet Rythmo Off-White Tablecloth


The Rythmo tablecloth in off-white by Charvet is made from linen, which is very absorbent and lint free, combining durability. 

Linen is also a green product of nature - renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Since the Middle-ages the city of Armentières in Northern France has been known as the cité de la toile (city of the fabric). It is here that Charvet has been part of the industry for more than a century creating linen products with its noble and natural character perfectly mixing tradition with modernity.

  • 100% Linen
  • Available in different colors 
  • Wash warm, dry low or hang to dry, iron if desired while still damp
  • Avoid bleaching
  • Suggestion: Wash and dry with tennis balls to avoid breakage of fibers by helping the fabric to tumble more evenly