Medium Egg Shaped Cutting Board
Medium Egg Shaped Cutting Board

Andrea Brugi Medium Egg Shaped Cutting Board

17" L x 11.5" W


A truly organic piece, The Olive Wood Medium Egg Shaped Cutting Board, reflects the natural contours and shapes in the vintage timber it was created from. Perfect for cutting bread as well as for serving cheese and sausages.

Tuscan woodworker Andrea Brugi has a special gift for turning pieces of wood into objects of true beauty. Using wood salvaged from around Italy, Brugi finds the shapes hidden within each piece of wood and gives them new life. Rustic and organic, each of his handcrafted pieces becomes more beautiful with time, as it becomes one with the environment it graces.

  • Each piece is unique and differs slightly from the photo
  • Made in Italy
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Care for with olive oil