• Shea Butter by Sun Potion

Shea Butter by Sun Potion

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Sourcing Organic and/or Wildcrafted medicinal plants, superfoods, and tonic herbs, Sun Potion Transformational Foods combines these ingredients into nutritional powders for optimal health and well-being. The company began with Owner and Founder Scott Linde’s own transformational experience with these foods. Each mixture provides unique benefits to the body in a concentrated powder form and can be taken in small doses daily for optimal benefits.

Shea Butter is a renowned Skin Food, balancing skin pH, containing a unique profile of minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids. It opens the cells to draw moisture in, retain hydration and allows skin to breathe. May reduce fine wrinkles and assist in healing conditions such as: sun damage, chapping, scrapes, burns, skin allergies, fugal infections and more.

Melt a small amount between palms and apply with love to whole body, face and hair!

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