• Silver Beaded Fish Fork by Sheffield

Silver Beaded Fish Fork by Sheffield

$ 35

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In 1743, Sheffield cutler Thomas Boulsover (1705-1788) discovered that silver and copper could be heated, fused and formed into a sheet that could be fashioned into objects that had the appearance of sterling. In this state, the two metals acted as one, expanding in total unison. Today, the Sheffield line continues this time-honored tradition, brining supreme elegance to your table. Designed in 1780 by the well-known silversmith Hester Bateman the Beading line is inspired by pearls and has been used as a decoration on tableware for centuries. Every piece is made in the traditional fashion of electro-plated nickel silver and superior quality hollow handles.
• Silver Plated
• Vintage
• Made in England
• 8 1/4"

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