7" Tray in Wood by Hasami - MONC XIII
7" Tray in Wood by Hasami | MONC XIII

Hasami 7" Tray in Wood

7.25" Diameter x 1" H


Hasami Porcelain, located in Hasami, Nagasaki one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan, is keeping the rich 400 year old porcelain tradition alive. Using a unique mixture of porcelain and clay the pieces have the sharpness of traditional porcelain yet the gentler more organic feel of pottery., Hasami’s porcelain collection was inspired by the tiered lacquer-ware used in traditional Japanese cuisine.

Certain Bowls, mugs, plates and trays have the same diameter allowing them to nest on top of one another. Trays and plates become lids and mugs and bowls become beautiful sculpture. Customize your own selection of coordinating Hasami earthenware with this beautiful collection.

  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Made in Japan