Vertigo Champagne Cooler in Silver Plate by Christofle - MONC XIII

Christofle Vertigo Champagne Cooler in Silver Plate


This silver plated champagne cooler will  add a sophisticated touch to your table display. Designed by Andrée Putman in 2000, the Vertigo collection brilliantly illustrates his design concept by combining simplicity and purity with functionality. The collection is characterized by a ring emblem with a sensual and deliberately asymmetrical design that is integrated onto each piece.

Established in 1830, Christofle created silverware for French royalty, including King Louis-Phillipe and Emperor Napoleon III. Each piece is proportionally balanced and hand finished for unsurpassed beauty.

  • Hand wash using a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid formulated without chlorine and citric acid.
  • Do not use anything that can scratch such as bleach or rubber.
  • Wipe clean as quickly as possible after each use