Guillerme et Chambron

Guillerme with his limitless creative ambition produced designs for everything from grand dressers and sideboards to the smallest elements of a space, such as pedestals, shelving, benches, and lighting. He possessed an unusual flare using his wood of choice, a waxed oak, often lightened or darkened to the same few tones. He incorporated elaborately detailed tiles and unusually bright fabrics, both of which could be used interchangeably in a variety of pieces. The very charismatic Jacques Chambron focused on décor and client relationships.


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Guillerme et Chambron - In Stock
1970's Sofa / $21,000

1970's Sofa by Guillerme et Chambron

In Stock

In Stock - Guillerme et Chambron
1970's Sofa / $21,000