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Owner Natasha Esch travels the globe to bring you unique and timeless treasures from the 18th century to modern day.  We at MONC XIII are passionate about design and love to share daily inspiration.  Whether you are a trade member or retail customer, our goal is to provide you with impeccable service. 


Owner and Founder, Natasha Esch

In 2008, I was reconnected with the Hamptons and Sag Harbor, finding it beautiful, fun, and addictive.  The combination of country and beach living with proximity to New York City was perfect for us.  So after twelve years, my husband and I decided to move from Los Angeles, where I had started my interior design career, and bought and restored various Mid Century and Mediterranean homes. We actually bought a Sag Harbor village home in the middle of the real estate melt down!  But we were inspired – and as often can happen when it comes to design and real estate – impulsively inspired. Sag Harbor exceeded our expectations on all levels - the people, the schools, the beauty, the water, the farm stands, and of course the homes.

We have fully (my husband is trying to catch up) made the transition, highlighted by the buying, planning, and building of MONC XIII. Being a lover of finely tuned curation, I dreamed of opening a store that would combine my love of old and new, traditional meets modern. MONC XIII, is that. And, we have added a fully planted yard on three sides that strives to be a community center point for friends, family, and lovers of design. Its two goals are inspiration and fun.

Previously, I was an interior designer based in Los Angeles and earlier in my career, the President of Wilhelmina Models. I was born in Canada, raised in Germany and Switzerland, attending Aiglon College for high school and Babson College in Boston.

My husband and partner, Matt Coffin, is an angel investor and entrepreneur and we have two children, Orchid and Sky. Our names combine to form our store name MONC XIII – M (Matt), Orchid (O), Natasha (N), Coffin (C) and XIII represents Sky's date of birth.