H.W. Klein

Norwegian designer Henry Walter Klein was a master of all-sorts and fell into the field of furniture design. The linguist and mathematician, born in 1919, gained a number of degrees throughout his life and was very multi-talented. It was while serving in the marines however that he first turned his pursuits towards carpentry. After two years of cabinet making he was admitted to the prestigious Frederikberg Tekniske Skole in Denmark, where he was taught by prominent Danish architect and interior designer, Finn Juhl. After completing his studies, Klein began developing a new method for manufacturing plastic furniture, eventually selling the copyright for his method to leading furniture companies including Bramin and Fritz Hansen.


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H.W. Klein - In Stock
Rosewood Dining Table / $13,200

Rosewood Dining Table by H.W. Klein

In Stock

In Stock - H.W. Klein
Rosewood Dining Table / $13,200