KH Würtz

The prolific father/son duo behind KH Würtz produces the fascinating ceramics you will find at top restaurants like NOMA in Copenhagen. New to the U.S. and exclusively available at MONC XIII, these products will heighten your meals with both spectacular texture and hue. 

KH Würtz has deep roots in Scandinavia’s centuries-old utilitarian crafts traditions. Aage Würtz came of age during the mid century pottery movement and has passed this expertise down to his son, Kasper. Kasper has also mastered the art of pigment mixing and dipping, as well as the speckled textures and mellow colorations that KH Würtz is so well known for.

KH Würtz pieces have an amazing weight and feeling in the hand, with bowls and plates in numerous sizes and styles you can fill the entire tablescape with this beautiful collection. With 6 different colorations, find your favorite or mix and match multiple coordinating hues for a custom grouping. The collection also includes larger platters and bowls perfect for statement service pieces.

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