Silvio Cavatorta

The family company Cavatorta was established in Rome in 1869 by Eugenio Cavatorta. It produced its furniture only in small and exclusive series, its main customers being embassies, hotels, schools and ships. Each furniture fitting was designed uniquely for each specific commission. During the 1930’s, led by Eugenio’s son Silvio, the company started to obtain prestigious commissions for international organizations and ministries. Silvio’s son Franco studied architecture during which he took extended internships in the studios of Le Corbusier, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl and Sven Markelius. He was the first to present these northern modernist developments in Italy during a conference on Scandinavian furniture. Cavatorta’s furniture are aesthetically unique, rare and of a very high quality.


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Vintage Case Pieces - In Stock
Mid Century Commode / $21,000

Mid Century Commode by Silvio Cavatorta

In Stock

In Stock - Vintage Case Pieces
Mid Century Commode / $21,000