Studiopepe is a design agency founded in Milan, in 2006, by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. Studiopepe’s focus is on design and research through the use of a multidisciplinary approach: this includes interior design (retail, hotels, private commissions), product design and creative consulting. Studiopepe’s projects are recognizable by their strong iconographic identity, based upon experimenting, continuous research on colours and materials and the contamination between the various contemporary languages with the intent to provide a solution that is uniquely special and respectful of each client’s individuality.a


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Tacchini - In Stock
Studiopepe Pluto Coffee Table / $9,950

Studiopepe Pluto Coffee Table by Tacchini

In Stock

In Stock - Tacchini
Studiopepe Pluto Coffee Table / $9,950