Ubald Klug

Ubald Klug was born in St. Gallen in 1932. From 1952 to 1955, he trained as an interior designer with Willy Guhl at the Kunstgewerbeschule. Following work placements with architects in Zurich and Helsinki, he joined sculptor François Stahly in Paris in 1958 for three years, and attended lectures by Jean Prouvé twice a half-year. Before finally settling in Paris in 1966, he was technical director of a sanitary ware and kitchen manufacturer in Bern. After a number of years as a designer in the Mafia agency, Ubald Klug started his own business as an interior architect and designer in 1972.


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De Sede - In Stock
Terrazza Sectional Pair / $33,200

Terrazza Sectional Pair by De Sede

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In Stock - De Sede
Terrazza Sectional Pair / $33,200