Convivio Nuovo Steak Knife Set by Berti White
Convivio Nuovo Steak Knife Set by Berti White

Berti Convivio Nuovo Steak Knife Set


Coltellerie Berti has a long history of steel, fire, and skilled hands. Using techniques unchanged since the days of its founding in 1895, the Italian artisans at Berti handcraft their knives. A sole artisan crafts each Berti knife from start to finish and initials their work.

The Berti Convivio Nuovo steak knife has a slightly upturned blade that ends with a rounded tip while the subtle taper of the handle curves in the opposite direction, creating a single, elegant wave from tip to handle end. It is designed without a bolster, creating a contemporary streamlined look, with the blade heel nearly starting at the handle.

  • 6 knives come in beautiful wooden box
  • Total Length: 9"
  • Blade Length: 4"