Gwendolyn Tea Saucer 6" by Herend - MONC XIII

Herend Gwendolyn 6" Tea Saucer

6" Diameter


Since 1826, Herend porcelain has produced one of the most outstanding and distinctive hard-paste porcelains in the world. Each piece of Herend porcelain is entirely hand painted, and many items are made by hand. Located in the village of Herend, Hungary about 56 miles west of Budapest, the manufactory employs 220 potters to sculpt each piece and 400 artists to hand paint them.

With thousands of different shapes available, no other porcelain manufacturer comes close to providing the range of patterns or items as Herend.ÊThe shapes include platters, coffee and tea service pieces, trembler cups, tureens, trays, egg cups, napkin rings, vases, cachepots and lamps, as well as many other pieces.