Spatours Place Soup Spoon in Silver Plate by Christofle - MONC XIII
Spatours Place Soup Spoon in Silver Plate by Christofle - MONC XIII

Christofle Spatours Place Soup Spoon in Silver Plate


Silver plated standard soup spoon featuring generous curves, decorative heels and a slender rounded ridge. The oval shape is made for soups containing solid particles of food. 

Established in 1830, Christofle created silverware for French royalty, including King Louis-Phillipe and Emperor Napoleon III. Each piece is proportionally balanced and hand finished for unsurpassed beauty and designed for everyday use.

The dishwasher is an effective way to maintain your Christofle silverware in clean and perfect condition, as long as you note the following:

  • Before the first use, wash your silverware by hand with neutral dishwashing liquid without synthetic fragrance. Dish soaps containing citrus or lemon are to be avoided.
  • Use only washing powders formulated without chlorine or citric acid
  • Avoid the presence of crystal glasses which may also tarnish the silver.
  • Separate silver cutlery from stainless steel: silver does not coexist well with other metals. 
  • Open the dishwasher door at the end of the cycle, so that the dishes do not remain in an atmosphere saturated with vapor. Wipe the cutlery if they are still damp.
  • Made in France